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Name: Spa Party for young Ladies
Services:Spa, foot bath, nail care, makeup, tattoo, modelling , kids coctails, decoration, music, gifts to all guests  
Locations: Larnaka 

Spa Party for young Ladies

Step into a world of enchantment with Spa Party gia Mikres Kiries, where every young lady is treated like royalty! Our party entertainer brings a magical touch to celebrations by transforming your space into a pampering paradise for girls. From soothing spa sessions and delightful foot baths to glamorous nail care and enchanting makeup, every moment is crafted to make the little ones feel like princesses. Our talented entertainer also offers fun activities such as kids’ tattoos, a modeling runway experience, and the chance to create their own mocktails. The ambiance is further enhanced with exquisite decorations and uplifting music, creating an atmosphere of joy and relaxation. To make the celebration even more memorable, each guest receives special gifts, ensuring that the Spa Party is an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, beauty, and cherished moments.

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Location: Larnaca

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