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In an appropriately designed building and classrooms and with the help of professionally qualified, university and university graduate teachers, we offer our students the most correct foundations possible to perform their theatrical roles correctly, but also to develop a sense of self-confidence , of expression, potential and creativity. This is how we achieve the development of proper theater education.

As part of our cultural action, children have the opportunity through our volunteer group, through the theater, to raise awareness and raise awareness of various social problems.

Τo our credit, we have several successful shows such as “Sleeping Beauty”, “Mary Poppins in the City That Never Rains”, “The Audition”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “My fair lady”, “Home alone”, “Cinderella Mutant”, “Stringla’s Date”, “Lysistrata”, “Ekavi”, “Neverland”, “Audition II”, “Fairytale Without a Name”, “Little Rocks”, “Song of the Seagulls”, “Doctor with Zori”, “Toy Story”, “High School Musical”, “Tonight We Improvise”, “Miss Julia”, “Birthday Party” as well as two films “Our Best Years” and “Child Trouble”.

Many of our students have realized their dream of working in the theater and have been successfully admitted to distinguished drama schools such as the National Theater, the Karolos Koun Art Theater, the Georgiou Theodosiadis School, the Athenian Stage, the Satirical Theater (Vladimirou Kavkaridis ) but also in universities in England and America.

In addition to teaching theater, we design and manufacture stage and theatrical costumes. With our graduate scenographers and technicians, we can offer a complete proposal regarding scenery, theatrical costumes, sound and lighting for dance schools, school performances, theater groups depending on the financial possibilities of the client.

Theatrical Education

The I.F. Παρασκήνιο, gives preschool children the opportunity to get in touch with theater, theatrical play, dance, dreams, the moon...

Through the specially designed program for children of toddler age, we learn to unleash our imagination, to cooperate, to play, to create magical and otherworldly worlds.

In this way, children acquire critical thinking, cultivate their consciousness and empathy, face their fears, know their feelings, realizing their dreams.

At the same time, the children come into first contact with the basic theories of the theater, the stage, the puppet theater, the shadow theater, scenography, kinesiology, orthophony. All this creating.

The journey begins, and we fellow travelers on a wonderfully fantastic magical unique journey.

Teaching Theater to Children

Theater for all of us is not just a professional destination but a way of life. The theater has a lot to offer children of all ages, on a practical level (clarity of speech, acting techniques, flexibility and kinesiology knowledge) but also on a mental level (freedom of expression, cultivation of critical thinking, cooperation, teamwork, self-confidence).

The teaching of theater to students starts from the age of 5 to 18. The lessons are held in small classes and aim to teach the theater globally. For this reason, the students are taught acting, improvisation, kinesiology, orthophony by specialized teachers. The courses are specially designed to address each age in a different way and requirements.

The various activities outside the performances (seminars by actors, participation in voluntary actions, scenography - costume design seminars, film shootings, film evenings) give students the opportunity to gain greater experience and artistic education.

Preparation for Drama Schools

The acting profession is one of the most demanding professions due to its nature. An actor must speak to the soul, compose morals. With this in mind, we try to cultivate all that an actor needs to have before even pursuing the profession: observation, love for the theater, love for people, love for the arts, ethics.

In a highly competitive field, we are called upon to offer the necessary supplies for those children who wish to work professionally in the field. Our goal is to prepare prospective actors as responsibly as possible, for their admission to drama schools.

With long lessons, demanding rehearsals, exposure to the public, but also through kinesiology, orthophony, acting in individual and group lessons, the candidates are invited to train to the maximum.

It is no coincidence that many of our students have been successfully admitted to the drama schools of the National Theatre, the Karolos Koon Art Theatre, Georgios Theodosiadis, the Satirical Theater (Vladimirou Kavkaridis) but also to universities in England and America.

Afternoon activity for primary school children

For the first time, the afternoon occupation and study of school lessons acquires substance and creativity. The I.F. Proskenio, with its experienced staff, provides evening employment for primary school children according to Scandinavian standards. Children study their lessons in a creative way.

The increased demands of our time and the countless stimuli to which they are exposed every day, in contrast to our flawed education system that is blind to the needs of students and teachers for modernization, causes discomfort and confusion for students and parents. Children are asked to cope with an increasingly outdated system that does not offer them the essence and joy of education.

The I.F. Foreground, he wants to show children the other side of the coin, the joy of learning. The educator is called upon to approach and arouse the interest of the children with various methods, alternatives many times.

With the method of Theater in Education, the presentation of the units in the form of a game, the use of educational programs through technology, children will immediately understand even the most difficult unit cycles.

Our specially designed spaces, and the lack of desks, provide children with comfort, safety and a warmth that will help them immediately integrate into our space and way of learning.

Beyond the study of the lessons, the children will have the opportunity to expand their educational horizons, and their artistic concerns with the activities provided by the I.F. Foreground. In particular, the children will come into contact with theatrical play, crafts, puppetry, dance, music, writing, singing, cooking, etc.

Teaching Theater to Adults

The demands of modern life have deprived us of much. We have been robbed of our madness, freedom to express ourselves, freedom to dream, freedom to create, freedom to laugh, freedom…

The I.F. Παρασκήνιο, with its theater classes specially designed for adults, offers a haven of freedom and expression. Theater art lovers will have the opportunity to get in touch with the theater at an acting, musical and kinesiology level.

Theater classes can help us to increase our self-confidence, to develop ourselves, to reflect on our lives but they can also help us with the orthophony of speech, the flexibility of movement and the cultivation of our means of expression.

At the same time, through the training, the participants will be able to easily join the amateur group of adults. Our purpose is to strengthen the art of theater in our city, and not only, and to integrate it into the cultural events of the place.

Undoubtedly, theater is the ideal art of expression and can significantly benefit adults as well.

Motion Picture Production

The I.F Παρασκήνιο, in addition to his great action in the field of theater, he has also contributed to films and film spots.
Some of our projects are the movie "Our Best Years" that was played at Rio Cinemas in March 2014, the Christmas short film for the advertising needs of King's Avenue Mall, small spots for the needs of a Theater Show, etc.
Our goal is for children to gain more and more experiences that will help them become more creative.


The creation of scenery is an integral part of the activity of "Προ & Παρα Σκήνιο Productions". Through our multiple theatrical performances, magnificent sets have emerged which can be rented and modified for your own needs.

Our experienced staff can study, propose, design, modify any setting you request, however demanding it may be.

The design and creation of the scenery is done by a professional stage designer and experienced technical staff.

Theatrical Dressing Room

"Προ & Παρα Σκήνιο Productions", specializes in the design and creation of costumes for theatrical performances and not only. You can find many theatrical costumes and accessories in our already rich Wardrobe.

Our professional costume designer can design costumes and accessories for the most demanding performances as well as recommend economical solutions for groups and school performances.

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