M. English Workshop

M English Workshop is an English language school based in Limassol. It is accredited and approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Our mission

We aim to provide high-quality yet affordable English lessons to both children and adults. In a pleasant environment, we strive for academic excellence as well as unforgettable learning experiences.

Ages: 3-6

The Junior Programme is a three-year course where very young children get acquainted with the English language through creating and playing. Children can join the Junior Programme from the age of 3 years old.

During their first and second year, children begin to discover and explore the English language through a series of interesting activities. The lessons are action-packed with arts and crafts, fairy-tales, songs, games and role-play which make their first experience enjoyable. In their third year, students learn the alphabet sounds by using a multi-sensory method at first and then learn how to form and write the letters. Learning becomes easy, motivating and fun!

Ages: 7-10

The Young Learners Programme is a four-year programme that mainly prepares students for the Cambridge Young Learners Examinations (Starters, Movers and Flyers). This programme introduces students to the use of both everyday written and spoken English. It is an excellent way to gain confidence and improve communication skills in English. Learning also extends well beyond exam preparation  to include a variety of interesting materials such as role-play, games, songs and children’s literature. Using English in meaningful and real-life situations is one of our key goals as this enhances students’ ability to develop fluency and confidence in their English language skills. However, we also focus on cultivating 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, imagination, teamwork and effective implementation of technology in learning.

Ages: 11-14

This is a three-year programme that prepares students for the Cambridge English Exams (KET, PET and FCE). Students receive a wealth of educational materials in order to ensure that they are well-prepared and confident for the exams. Advanced technology, English magazines and library books allow every young student to experience learning in an inspiring, interest-driven and academically-oriented way. Thus, young learners achieve higher learning outcomes.

The IELTS and IGCSE tests are designed to test the language ability of candidates who want to study or work where English is used as the language of communication. They are also accepted by employers and professional bodies and they are often required for entry to universities in the UK, the USA or other countries. Learners benefit from practical guidance, monitoring and feedback throughout our programme. Our aim is to prepare students thoroughly in all four language skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking).

The General English courses are designed in the framework of Lifelong Learning for adults who want to improve their all-round ability in English for any reason whether that be communicating, studying or personal interest. We aim to give you confidence to communicate effectively in real-life situations. The course provides learners with authentic materials (e.g magazines, newspaper articles, news reports) that can help familiarize themselves with the real use of English. Students work on all four skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking. Our commitment to high standards of quality in education ensures that you have stimulating and enjoyable lessons!

Our Business English Course is ideal for professionals who need to communicate effectively in professional contexts. The course develops and expands general and business vocabulary as well as reading and writing abilities in both social and professional interactions. It also includes terminology and develops skills that can be applied to business negotiations, emails, financial reports and presentations.

Location:17 Skarlatti Street 3120 Limassol

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