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The establishment and operation of our Tutors started in 1983. Today our tutors operate in privately owned buildings specially constructed for the delivery of courses.
We always aim at the best possible preparation of our students for admission to universities or the best employment in the labor market.
We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities for change and improvement, always driven by enthusiasm and love for what we do.

Location: Υψωνας 6 Κασσιανού, 4180, and Eπισκοπή: 7 Aφροδίτης

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The best age to start learning English is when they are in the third grade of primary school. The most basic points of the language will be taught with an emphasis on oral speech and vocabulary enrichment.
In the next year he will begin to understand the rules of Grammar and understanding of small texts and as his level rises, the easier he will handle the language in all four skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, Oral)
Every year our students are examined by an independent examining body and awarded a diploma. Our goal is for them to have passed the I.G.C.S.E exams by the first or second year of high school.
Our young students can use special computer-based English language learning programs free of charge.
Our adult students prefer fast-paced programs with more emphasis on speaking.
Our departments are small.

In our school, French is taught at all levels (IGCSE / DELF – DALF / PANCYPRIES / HELPS).

By starting French lessons early, until they reach high school, your child learns to write, speak and understand French. Through the European framework for foreign language learning, he learns current French vocabulary and grammar – syntax and thus can communicate comfortably in all typical daily transactions. Knowing the French language and having a diploma as proof, one can work in the European Union and in posts of the Republic of Cyprus dealing with European issues.

The Spanish language occupies the 4th place in the world ranking, as it is one of the official languages of the United Nations and the European Union.
It stands out for its enormous socio-political importance, but also for its “temperament”, which only Spanish speakers express with their linguistic expressiveness. It is the official language of 21 countries. If you are still not convinced why you should learn Spanish, it is enough to consider that it is the language that provides the possibility of communication with a large part of the world’s population (450 million people speak Spanish around the world), our country’s collaborations in economic and business sector with companies coming from the Spanish-speaking countries is expanding more and more.

The German language belongs to the same language family as English and is the official language of Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, ranking German as the first language with the most native speakers, i.e. 18% of its inhabitants European Union speak German as their mother tongue, while it ranks as the second most spoken language 32%. According to a European Commission survey conducted in 2006, 28% of the respondents also speak a second foreign language, among them German, followed by Spanish and Russian. Why study in Germany?
More than 300 institutions of higher education, in the heart of Europe and with the possibility of practice. At the Herodotus tutoring schools there is preparation for the exams of the Goethe Institute for obtaining language degrees of all levels and preparation for German universities, from holders of a master’s degree in Teaching German as a Foreign Language of German Language Friedrich-Schiller-University)

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Methodical preparation of high school and high school students. 

Student support for competitions and exams of all levels. 

Preparation departments for the Pan-Cypriot exams. 

Group and individual lessons.

Musical Kinetics Education
-Pointes Class & Variations
-Mommies & Daughters
-Ballet for Adults
-Stretching & Strengthening

The physics course is taught by experienced and qualified staff, in small classes. The success rate of our students in final exams testifies to the correct work and the professional training that distinguishes us.
We offer:

Help for Middle School – High School students – Tech. Schools
Preparation for the All-Cypriot Examinations for admission to the higher and higher education institutions of Cyprus and Greece.
Department of Physics G.C.E. O’ Level

The great offer and progress of our Accounting Tutorials by qualified teachers with degrees recognized by the Ministry of Education and with experience in international audit houses have yielded the most enviable results.
In our Tuition Center they teach:



The LCCI (LONDON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY) exams. Level three in HIGHER Accountancy is now equivalent to G.C.E. A LEVEL IN ACCOUNTING which has been officially recognized by UCAS for the admission of students to English Universities.
With the requirement of the above diplomas in Accounting our students can be employed in the Public and Private sector for a successful career and with very good working conditions.
Accounting courses are taught from the third grade of high school, as well as special classes for employees.
We are licensed LCCI agents.

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