Acropolis Park

It is located in the Parish of St. Barnabas & Ag. Makariou, beyond Panagioti Kaspi Street.

The park is an excellent place for rest, walking and recreation, it has rich vegetation and outstanding natural beauty, with the main element being the natural caves, which have been highlighted and exploited and can be used for various events.

The beautiful scenery of the park is completed by the ponds and fountains, the large elevated wooden bridge, the walking paths and the sitting areas.

It has entrances from Pentelis, Mykinon, P. Kaspi and Dasoupoleos streets, with parking spaces to the north and to the south.



  • Playground (It also has games for the disabled)
  • Caves (Exhibition Area)
  • Amphitheater
  • Bathrooms
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Basketball court
  • Outdoor Events Space

Location:Pentelis 33, Strovolos 2013

Call: 22 338883

Website :acropolispark

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