Petrides Farm Fun Park is a delightful destination designed to provide endless entertainment and joy for children of all ages.

 Located in a picturesque setting, this family-friendly attraction offers a wide range of activities and facilities to ensure a memorable experience for kids and their families.

At Petrides Farm Fun Park, children can immerse themselves in a world of play and fun. The park features a variety of engaging and interactive play areas, including colorful playgrounds, thrilling rides, and engaging games. These attractions are thoughtfully designed to cater to different age groups, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

One of the highlights of Petrides Farm Fun Park is its small farm, where children can get up close and personal with friendly animals. They can pet and interact with a range of farm animals, including goats, sheep, rabbits, and more. This hands-on experience fosters a sense of connection with nature and provides valuable learning opportunities about animal care and welfare.

The park also offers the perfect setting for celebrating birthdays. With its dedicated party areas and attentive staff, Petrides Farm Fun Park ensures that birthday celebrations are filled with laughter and joy. From themed decorations to exciting activities, children can have a memorable and unforgettable birthday experience surrounded by their friends and loved ones.

In summary, Petrides Farm Fun Park provides a safe and enjoyable environment where children can unleash their imagination, have fun, and create lasting memories. With its diverse range of activities, friendly animals, and excellent dining options, this charming park is a go-to destination for families seeking a fun-filled day out.

What we Offer

Relaxing Walks

Enjoy a relaxing getaway in nature, away from the city noise

Entertaining Activities

Fun games


Farm animals

 Both kids and adults can have fun in the farm's spaces. 

Food and Drinks

Tasty snacks . Refreshing beverages.

Location: Marki

Call: 22 525255


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