Carina Creates

Hello everyone! My name is Carina Stylianou and I absolutely love
colours, patterns, crafts and creating memorable moments with kids.
 I have always been drawn to handmade art and creations. My background
in Illustration and hands on experience with working with kids since
2012 was the basis for creating my own creative business in 2022, which
has been embraced by parents and kids alike.

I really enjoy creating fun projects for kids to make using weird and
wonderful materials that ignite our imagination and keep kids fully
engaged and happy to express themselves creatively!

Have you ever made art using… salt? Or bubbles? Have you made a
flapping butterfly craft or fierce dragon?
Join me and my team on a fun adventure into a creative wonderland.

From small cosy workshops, big book festivals and business celebration
events to birthday parties and more private events at home, we do it all
for you!

Get in touch and tell us what your amazing vision is and we will give
you a quotation.
Wherever possible we try and offer a customized solution for your needs
and themes.

Ages: From 5 years old to 12+ years old
Younger than 4 years old need to be accompanied and supervised by
guardian or parents

Kids Entertainment

Kids Entertainment (crafts and games) at Christening, Wedding or
Birthday parties and seasonal parties eg. Halloween party, Carnival
parties etc.

Kids Corner crafts tables at Business Events

Kids Corner crafts tables at Business Events such as
anniversaries and promotional events

Smaller Play date entertainment

Smaller Play date entertainment for your children and their
friends in the comfort and safety of your own family home

Afternoon classes at your home

Afternoon classes at your home (we can arrange this upon request
and availability)

Design services

Design services including invitations, themed colouring books etc.

Adults arts and crafts workshops on demand
Themed ,handmade gifts for guests at parties
Seasonal handmade items eg. Easter candles



Carina Creates

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