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TAE KWON DO is one of the most popular martial arts, originating from Korea. In recent years, the sport of TAE KWON DO has experienced significant growth, partly due to its official inclusion as an Olympic sport in 2000 and its impressive techniques.

Etymology of TAEKWONDO: In Korean, “Tae” means “foot” or “foot strike,” “Kwon” means “hand strike,” and “Do” means “way of life” or “mind.” Therefore, TaeKwonDo can be loosely translated as “The way of fighting with only my body.”

The teaching of Taekwon-Do as physical and mental exercise is suitable for individuals of all ages. It does not require prior experience in other sports or special physical abilities to engage in Taekwon-Do.

The three basic principles of the sport are discipline, respect, and self-control. Through these three principles, practitioners can achieve their maximum potential and improve both their body and mind. For this reason, these three principles are constantly cultivated throughout every training session.

What can my child gain from TaeKwonDo: Through TaekwonDO, children learn how to manage and externalize their anxiety, anger, and other negative emotions, channeling their energy in a healthy way. It also improves their emotional skills, discipline, obedience, courage, confidence, and respect while boosting their self-esteem.

Furthermore, TaekwonDo is an entertaining, enjoyable, and productive activity for children who naturally have a tendency for movement and creative expression. Children come to understand themselves, identify their weaknesses, boundaries, as well as their capabilities and skills, thus developing self-awareness.

In our school, we train children from the age of 4 to adults. Our goals for children are:

  • To train in a healthy environment
  • To exercise their body and mind
  • To develop a range of skills that the sport offers (flexibility, strength, balance, speed, endurance, etc.)
  • To build their self-confidence
  • To learn to protect themselves (self-defense)
  • To socialize with other children

In our 8 years of operation, our athletes have achieved recognition both in national and international competitions, winning several medals. Athletes from our school have represented our country as members of the national TaeKwonDo team in European and World Championships.

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Location: Thoukididou 4, Strovolos 2006, Nicosia


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